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Probate And Trust Administration

Probate Administration is a practice area that involves the post death administration and transfer of assets under Florida’s laws of intestate distribution or pursuant to a person’s Last Will and Testament. Trust Administration involves the administration and transfer of assets pursuant to the instructions set forth in a Trust Agreement. Although these practice areas often involve complex considerations, our firm is here to help assist you with all aspects of probate and trust administration:

  • Summary Estate Administration
  • Formal Estate Administration
  • Determination of Homestead Status
  • Preparation and filing of all necessary probate court forms
  • Representation in probate court
  • Transferring assets
  • Review of estate tax returns and gift tax returns
  • Review of estate income tax returns and trust income tax returns

We work with in- and out-of-state families whose loved ones have passed away in Florida or owning Florida real estate. We also work with families whose loved ones have passed away without a will.

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